Conservatives – and President Trump – win with Virginia House healthcare plan

Virginia conservatives – and the Trump Administration – should embrace the healthcare plan rolled out this week by House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) in the House budget. The House budget includes a plan to bring billions in taxpayer dollars back to Virginia to help uninsured Virginians get healthcare coverage through Medicaid Expansion.

For four years, I sang a different tune. I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my fellow conservatives at Americans for Prosperity, former Speaker Bill Howell, and other Republicans to fight Medicaid Expansion.

At the time, the future of the Affordable Care Act seemed uncertain, and banking on its promises appeared financially risky. There were fears it would collapse, or be repealed, leaving states to pay for a huge new entitlement we couldn’t afford. That seemed like an unsafe bet for Virginia.

That all changed in 2017.